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Do It with Lifting City is the program you need to be able to maximize your results in the gym.
No more wasted time making up your workout as you go, without any direction, and feeling self-conscious because you are not sure if what you are doing is effective and safe.
This program makes sure you go in with a plan, work super efficiently and increase your strength, fitness, and body composition results.

Do It with Lifting City provides you with full body resistance and conditioning workouts that change every 4 weeks. There are set and optional workouts which means you will work out between 3 to 5 times a week, depending on what you prefer.

For each workout you will get instructional videos, and a downloadable training calendar, plan with extra coaching points and log to assess your progress.
You also have access to an elaborate FAQ database, and if you would still have any questions after that, you can email our team.

Terms and conditions

Please note that the monthly membership is NOT eligible for refunds, but the monthly membership can be canceled at any time prior to renewal.


Level Price  
Do It with Lifting City £9.00 per Month. Select
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